Why blog?

Why blog?

I guess it’s a way to externalise the voices in the head.

I’m sure I’m not alone in running a constant internal discussion: ideas, observations, rants, arguments, plans: we all do it. The only way to get them out of there safely, and make space for more, is to write them down, paint them or make music with them.

You could talk about them to friends and family but pretty soon you’d be seeing glazed looks all around you. Surprisingly, not everyone is as fascinated as you are by the Fibonacci sequence; why yeast makes bread rise; or which pigments in combination would create that particular shade of green.

Alternatively you could become one of those colourful characters who roam the streets ranting at the world.

I think it’s safer by far to blog. It’s like a verbal sketchbook.

Mixed media test piece for larger work called Memories. Based on the Fibonacci sequence, of course. Someone bought this from me but I regret to say that I can’t remember who it was.




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