Begin at the beginning.

I’d always loved drawing: and when I discovered at the age of 12, that there were Saturday morning classes at the local art college  I went. I didn’t think it necessary to ask anyone, I just did it, every week until I was able to leave school.

Then I went to see the principal, asked if I could come full-time: and, after looking at my folder of work, he said yes.

There was BIG trouble at school, at my career interview, when I told them I knew what I was going to do, I was going to art college!

Best two years ever – Rochdale College of Art 1965 to 1967, followed by one of the worst of years at City of Coventry College of Art and Design – a big disappointment after Rochdale.

I still have all my sketchbooks back to 1965, but my first oil painting, a portrait of a friend of my Dad, didn’t survive.

This is the only thing from then that did survive, and it’s really very untypical.

Turmoil: maybe it defines my state of mind around then.

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